7th Birthday Card for a Boy (Magic)


How best to impress a 7 year old boy! With a cool card of course! This card has a magical number 7 who is performing a magic trick with a top hat! The card is free and printable.

You have plenty of options for the inside wording of your card. You can make up your own sentences or you can go through those messages below to pick the most suitable for your recipient.

7th Birthday Card Messages

Message 1 - We wouldn't let today go by without wishing you a happy birthday. Have a great day!

Message 2 - I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true.

Message 3 - SEVEN - That's a lot of candles to blow out! Have fun... This is your special day! Happy Birthday!

Message 4 - Can't believe you're seven already. Wow! Have fun on your special day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Message 5 – To wish a special 7 year old, a fun filled happy day, With lots of things to see and do, And lots of games to play. Happy Birthday!!