7th Birthday Card Girls (Butterfly)


Below are sayings, messages and poems for this 7th birthday card with a butterfly on it. As you can see there is a button above. Click on it to get your free card!

Saying -

The number 7 is considered lucky; 
for the last 7 years we’ve traveled 
and endured every day together. 
And for every day that passed 
I’ve realized how lucky I am 
to have had you with me 
for these 7 years.
Happy 7th Birthday!

Funny -

Here’s a four-leafed clover,
A rabbit’s foot,
A heavy horseshoe
And a little butterfly in a jar.
I got all these things when I met you
Those seven years ago.
I’m still alive and kicking, so it works
Happy 7th Birthday!

Sweet Message - A butterfly kiss and seven more for all the years I have spent with you. Happy 7th Birthday!

Prose Poem -

There is a little butterfly
Flying overhead,
And I can’t help but feel
That it’s an angel,
Watching over you,
Here to grant my one wish,
That you have a fun and
Happy 7th Birthday!

Short Message - Here are 7 little butterflies on 7 little flowers, a gift for the wonderful 7 years that you’ve spent with me. Happy 7th Birthday!

Message (Nice)- Seven years and you’ve grown quite strong, loving and willful, a seven year old angel that has lived with me for all these years. Happy 7th Birthday!

Sweet Message - An architect cannot make something as beautiful as you, for you are similar to a butterfly; a work of art that flies on colorful wings. Happy 7th Birthday!