Thomas and Friends Birthday Card

  • Here comes Thomas. Right on schedule to . Bringing the news of birthday fun to someone special - you!

  • Thomas the tank engine is coming down the track to wish you a happy 4th birthday!

  • Here comes Thomas and Friends to say, we hope you have a happy 5th birthday!

  • Have a toot tootin good time!

  • The Fat controller told me to ask you if you could save some cake for him.

  • Well bust my buffers! It's your birthday!

  • Be sure to be back at the station when you turn 8 years old.

  • All Aboard the birthday train!

  • Poem: cute -

  • Hey there! Wake up! Wake up!
    It’s time to board
    The Thomas and friends express.
    Hold on tight, fasten your seatbelts,
    An off we go, go, go!

    Happy, happy birthday!

  • Message: cute - Hey there buddy, happy birthday! Are you ready now? C’mon! It’s time to travel around the world in the Thomas and Friends express, choo! Choo!

  • Wish: cute - Hello friend, I wish for you the most adventurous, the coolest and most exciting happy, happy birthday of your life! I hope you have a blast! Here’s my gift, a one way trip towards fun, fun, fun!

  • Message: inspirational - Life is a journey; it has its ups and downs. Sometimes, the road may be bumpy, and sometimes the view outside your window may take your breath away. Life is full of uncertainties, but one thing is for sure, journeys are best remembered when you’re with your best friends. Happy birthday!

  • Join Thomas and Friends as they travel on a great birthday adventure.

  • A little Blue train told me it was your birthday today. Do you know it might be?

  • Remember that even a small engine can achieve great things.

  • The fat controller sent you a special friend to help you celebrate your birthday today!

  • Happy Birthday to the greatest kid on the train!

  • Thomas the Tank Engine the party engine is here to wish you a Happy Birthday!