Nephew Birthday Card


Looking for a nephew's birthday card? Well here is a really funny printable card that you can give to your nephew. You can put your own wording into the card or choose from our many messages and quotes.

1. Message - To a super Nephew, Who I love dearly.

2. Poem

N – Naughty

E – Evil

P – Proud

H – Hassle

E – Edgy

W – Wierdo

3. Funny Message - Hello little trouble maker. Still getting up to mischeif? Hope you're keeping your parents hands full like always.

4. Nice Message - I couldn't have asked for a better nephew.

5. Funny Message - When I was young I though I was top @#$%! to. Now that I'm old and wise I know I'm really top @#$%!

5. Poem -

Dear Nephew I hope you smile.

You've been living now for a while.

And since I met you long ago,

Ain't any better nephew that I know.

6. Quote – The world is you oyster. Keep dreaming and always been good to you're mother! (and Auntie)

7. Message - 

A Super Happy Birthday

To a Super Dooper Kid

On a Super Dooper Day

For a Super Doooper Dooooper Year!

8. Funny Congratulations – You've graduated from being a little #$^%^ to being an older, slighter taller little @#$@#.