Karate Kid Birthday Card


This Karate Kid Birthday Card was inspired by the movie. You can print this birthday card for free and insert your message or saying into the card. Great for lovers of kunfu, fighting and martial arts!

1. Poem: inspirational -

Don't worry about the weight
Of the adversities that burden you.
Remember you do not need to be
The strongest in the world.
All you need...
Is a friend like me.
Happy birthday!

2. Message: cute -Hey there karate kid! It’s your birthday, have a break, eat some cake, we’ll get to the bad guys later.

3. Wish: cute -I wish for you my karate kid a lifetime of adventures, and lessons unfolding as you traverse the arduous paths that life brings you. Happy birthday!

4. Poem: cute -You age, grow strong, and realize
Another adventurous year has passed.
Happy birthday!

5. Wish: cute -Hey there karate kid! Hope the bad guys don’t come crashing your party. But if they do, they’ll have to deal with the karate squad first! Happy birthday!