Dora the Explorer Birthday Card


Take a look at this Dora birthday card that would suit a Dora birthday party. It is printable from our website and comes with happy birthday poems and wishes to use for the inside of the card.

1. Poem: Inspirational -

When you feel
The weather is against
The gravity of your adventure,
Hold my hand,
Take a deep breath and you will see
That all you need
Is a friend in me.

Happy birthday!

2. Message: cute -Hello friend! Wanna come on an adventure? Here’s a special place for you in my adventure truck! Happy birthday!

3. Wish: cute -
Wishing you the most adventurous, fun and exciting birthday! My friends and I have prepared a very special gift for a very special adventurer; I hope you’ll like it!

4. Message: cute -Hey there! You’ve grown older, tougher, stronger, taller and more charming than ever! I bet you’ll be ready for a new adventure! Happy birthday!

5. Poem: inspirational -Life is not a race,
But a journey where
Discovery is learning from failures,
And triumph is standing up
Each time you fall.
Life can be rough,
But we can be tougher.

Happy Birthday!

6) Do you know who is Dora's Special friend today? It's someone who has a big smile, loves to eat cake, watches Dora on Tv and is having his birthday today? Can you guess who it might be?

7) Strap on your Backpack and don't forget your boots because Dora the Explorer is here to wish you a happy birthday adventure.

8) D is for Delightful. O is for Overjoyed. R is for Really Fun and is for A is for Adventurous. Dora wishes you the best birthday ever!!!