The Wiggles Birthday Card 

Wish someone a happy birthday with this Wiggles birthday card. The card is colorful and shows all the characters from the wiggles. The inside message can be edited. When your happy click print pdf.

1. Poem: cute -

Hey kids! It’s a wiggly, wiggle world!
Let’s sing together, have fun and enjoy!
We’re The Wiggles and we’re here to have fun!
Let’s count the candles on your cake,
And blow them out all at once!

Let’s sing a happy, happy birthday,
And just enjoy your special day.
Happy Birthday, buddy!

2. Cute -Hey there kids, it’s your favorite buddies, Sam, Murray, Jeff and Anthony! We’re here to make your party a blast, so let’s get the cake ready! Shake your tails with Wags the Dog, and let’s play games with Dorothy the Dinosaur! We’re gonna have loads of fun! Happy birthday, buddy! I hope you have a good one.

3. Wish: cute -I wish for you, on your special day, the biggest of cakes, the most exciting games, the merriest of singing and dancing and fun, fun, fun! Happy birthday buddy!

4. Inspirational -Today we celebrate the day you brought light into this world, like a song that makes people smile. C’mon, blow the candles, let’s sing you the merriest birthday song! Happy birthday, buddy!