7th Birthday Card for a Boy (Candles)


Here is a simple Candles Happy 7th Birthday card. What a great card for a young boy on his 7th birthday. Count the candles on the birthday cake… do they add up to SEVEN? If you like this card feel free to click on the button. It will download the card and you can print it for free!

Saying - Remember that a candle shimmers and shines only for a short time, but for that time it parts the darkness and lights the way. Similar to a candle, that is the job of every parent to their children.

Sweet Message - Here are seven candles for you to blow, each candle represents a wish that you’ll make and that I’ve received all these seven years with you. Happy 7th Birthday!

Poem -

A candle blown
For every year that’s turned
Seven candles all lined up
For the eyes of a child
To wish upon faded breath
And smile upon the candlelight.
Happy 7th Birthday!

Message (Nice) - A candle sits upon a cake, lighting the face of a delighted child who hovers impatiently for a wish. And as the song nears its end, you open your mouth and blow. Making a wish as we greet you a Happy 7th Birthday!

Funny -

No one noticed,
That you were gone
Not until you closed the lights
And scared everyone
With a candle and blanket
Happy Birthday my mischievous child.

Message (Sweet) - 777 years in this world will not bring me the same joy that you have given me for the last 7 years. Happy 7th Birthday!

Short Message - Some people consider that 777 is a lucky number, but I never needed more than the one 7 year old child that you are. Happy 7th Birthday.