7th Birthday Card (Cute Dog)

No bones about it. You're top dog! This great 7th birthday card has a picture of a cute dog. Messages, sayings, poems and quotes are below to add to the card. Free free to download and print the card!

Saying - They say that man’s best friend is a dog but to me a man’s real best friend is his child. It’s been 7 years and still you proven this to be right. Happy Birthday!

Funny Message -

A dog barks and your dad chases after it
You see him run around the house
7 times around the garden
All for the sake of getting the gift
That the dog decided to take.
And when your dad is all spent
The dog walks up and gives you the gift
Happy Birthday!

Short Message - A gift for you my little child, a sweet little dog and a toy for you both to play with. Happy 7th Birthday.

Sweet Message - As I watch you pat the dog our dog on its head, just as it lays on your lap and wonder why such a sweet and wonderful child has been given to me. Thank you for being in my life. Happy Birthday.

Poem -

Here we are with the dog in hand,
Walking in the park
In the 7th year of your life
And this is the moment I realize
That life has kept us all together
Through all the twists and turns.
Because you have given me the strength
To get through this path called life.
Happy 7th Birthday.

Message (Nice) - I was thinking of getting a dog when I was younger, for the joy and companionship. Now I know that no dog can ever give me the joy you have given me. Happy 7th Birthday.