A Soccer Birthday Card

Here is a cool soccer birthday card for any age. Celebrate someones birthday with this free printable birthday card. We have some great soccer quotes and messages to add to the card! Please read on…

1) Soccer is the game of life! Happy Birthday!

2) Olay olay, olay olay, olay olay, olay olay. Happy Birthday!

3) 15 is just a kick away. Best Birthday Wishes!

4) Hope you bend it like Beckham on your Birthday!

5) Happy birthday to the best soccer player we know. May today be one of the best days of the year. 

6) It's your big day today, have a ball. . . A soccer ball that is. 

7) We wish you all the best today and we know you will continue to give it your all out on the field. 

8) A big happy birthday to you, and we know you will continue to enjoy a successful career in soccer and that you will go very far. 

9) You are one of the best players we know and nobody can score like you, but today we want you to sit back, relax and enjoy some cake and ice cream. 

10) When it comes to soccer-players, rank among the best and train extremely hard. Enjoy your special day and take a bit of time to finally relax. 

11) Happy b-day to the best player I know and whatever you do today, I hope you have fun.

12) To my soccer crazy friend. Hope you kick some birthday butt!