Princess Birthday Card


Would you like to print a princess birthday card for a little princess. This card is cute and designed by a princess to. You can find a great message/ quote to go with it right here!

1) Wishing you a magical birthday with lots of love.

2) Being a princess is a hard job but someone's gotta do it.

3) Wishing a girl who's a princess (that's you!) A birthday that makes all your sweet dreams come true - With magical moments, surprises and laughter, And smiles in your heart to keep ever after!

4) I am the princess i live in the clouds if ya wanna kick it with me u beta bow down so get on your knees and call me your highness cause baby I'm the finest!

5) This girl is the most treasured in all the land. The princess of charm and beauty!

6) Be careful when you kiss frogs! They might turn into a handsome prince!

7) Pretty and elegant, wonderful and intelligent… That’s all the words needed to describe this beautiful princess!

8) A charming prince told me it is your birthday today!

9) May you continue to grow to be the most beautiful in all the land!

10) With dreams far and wide and a heart as pure as snow. Wish you… a wonderful princess the most happy birthday ever!