Golf Birthday Card 

You can print this golf birthday card for free and be sure to add an inspiring message or quote from our selection. This could be given to a son, father or daughter etc.

1. I know how much you love being outdoors on the open green, so for you birthday I got you... this golf birthday card to remind you of it! 

2. Sorry I FORE-got your birthday. I could really use a Mulligan on that one. 

3. A golf birthday card is a far cry from the real thing- but at least you don't have to worry about the sand traps! 

4. I know dancing is a fun way to celebrate your special day, but try to avoid the Bogie. 

5. Another year, another addition to the handicap. 

6. Instead of hitting the course for your birthday, let's go clubbing! 

7. Even golf could never drive a wedge between our friendship. Happy Birthday. 

8. This year for your birthday we will all pretend like we didn't see that fourth putt. 

9. Bend over so we can admire your super cute putt! Happy Birthday. 

10. For your birthday I got you a new shirt- in case you ever get a hole-in-one. 

11. Birthday cards just aren't my cup of tee. Have fun on the course! 

12. As you get older, be sure to up your iron and don't forget lots of fresh greens. 

13. You've really putt yourself on the right course. Keep avoiding hazards and happy birthday. 

14. To golf the way you do, you're going to need a lot of balls. Happy Birthday. 

15. I "wood" never "fore"get your birthday! 

16. Hope you had a relaxing day on our course, cause now it's time to Par-Tee! 

17. Even through all the hazards you keep on swinging! 

18. One thing remains true no matter how old you get- no one is actually good at golf. 

19. Par-don my saying so, but you are tee-rific! 

20. For your birthday I thought we could go outside, walk around, and hit stuff with a stick! 

21. Even when you throw your clubs, lose your ball, and demand five mulligans, I will still be your friend. Happy Birthday.

22. Good Friends, Good Conversation, Good Golf! Does life get any better than this? Best wishes for a Happy Birthday!

23. Ever notice that the older you get, the longer the fairways and the smaller the holes? Happy Birthday!

24. Golf teeing you off? Relax and have a great birthday

25. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. But some really lucky ones are just naturally great golfers! Happy Birthday!

26. I wanted to get a gift you'd really like. But how do I wrap a hole in one???