Printable Girls Birthday Card


This sweet birthday card is perfect for a girl.

Add a girly message or girly quotes to finish it off and have a great celebration!

1) Lots of love and special wishes are being sent your way, with extra hugs and kisses because it's your birthday!

2) This brings warm birthday greetings and comes to tell you that many thought so often there throughout the year with you. and because you're very special this just comes to make it clear, your wish to a word of happiness today and through the year. Enjoy Your Special Day!

3) You're the kind of person who deserves a birthday that's filled with the nicest things... like the joy that comes from sharing special memories and from knowing how much you're loved and appreciated for the special person you are. Happy Birthday With Love.

4) You’re the sweetest most wonderful girl I’ve ever known!

5) It’s no secret that you are the apple of my eye.

6) Wishing this young girl to be in tune with live forever and always.

7) You’re growing up so fast. Thank God you’re growing up so lovely!

8) Hoping and wishing you wonderful times ahead. Have a special day!

Like the popular song says, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!" Well isn't that true! We have tried to create some really fun birthday cards to celebrate the girls who receive one of these cards. We have included characters from some of your favorite kids t.v shows and animated movies including Disney characters. Each of our cards come with fitting messages or greetings to write in the middle. We have searched the internet for the best! Whether the card is for a member of your family or for one of your friends, we hope you find what you're looking for on this website!