Funny Belated Birthday Card

Crap i forgot your birthday. Laugh out loud at this funny birthday card! If you've forgotten someones birthday then this is a great way to make them smile and forget like it never happened.

Here are some funny belated birthday messages we suggest for this particular card. 

1. Sorry that its late. Sorry for saying, 'Crap!'

2. How did that happen? Another sign of getting old.

3. Now I've got another whole year to get it right next time.

4. Hope you took some good photos.

5. Better late then never. Hope you forgive me.

6. Although these wishes turned up late sure hope your birthday turned out great.

7. Always late then never!

8. I got (bought) a bunch of these cards in bulk so I’m not really too unprepared here.

9. Father time is getting alzheimer's.

10. Don’t rush life! Obviously I don’t, and look how I turned out! Happy belated birthday!

11. I knew it (knew it… knew it) … but blew it!

12. I didn’t want to remind you straight away that you were getting older.

13. Even Facebook forgot to remind me of you birthday.

14. I was hoping we would skip birthdays this year.

15. Oh my gosh! I forgot your figgin brithday! Lucky I have such a forgiving friend (wife, husband, uncle)!

16. Sorry I forgot? We’re still friends right?

17. This is card and present is the “thought that counts.” Sorry I just didn’t think it at the right time.

18. So many good memories we’ve shared together. No room to remember things like dates of birthdays. ;)

19. You probably thinking… typical… he forgot my birthday again. I like to think of it as selective remembering.

20. You should be thankful I remembered so far in advance for next years birthday!

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