Dinosaur Birthday Card

Here is the cutest dinosaur birthday card for your printing pleasure. This is a free printable birthday card!

1) Dino Cake, Dino Presents, Dino friends, Dino parents, Dino laughter, Dino Fun. Hope you you have the best Dino Birthday Ever!

2) Sorry if the wrapping paper on the present is a bit torn. I had a run in with a real dinosaur while wrapping it up. But luckily I was able to fight the dinosaur and keep your present safe from harm. (to be fun tell them you have a scratch on your arm from the dinosaur. When the birthday boy/girl takes a closer look at your arm, growl at them like a dinosaur to give them a scare.)

3) I think I saw a Dinosaur. But the Dinosaur I thought I saw, was not a Dinosaur at all. It was a Dino Saw, A special saw for a Dinosaur to cut another Dinosaur. Unfortunately another Dinosaur saw, the Dino's saw before the first Dinosaur saw the second Dinosaur. When the first Dinosaur saw the Dino saw and the second Dinosaur, he was sawed and therefore sore. Being sawed he was no longer a Dinosaur but a sore sawed Dino, sawed by another Dinosaurs Dino saw. I hope your brain doesn't feel sore by this story of the Dinosaur Sawing another Dinosaur with a Dino saw who became sawed and is now quite sore.