Cat Birthday Card


Do you love cats? Well what could be better than receiving a cat birthday card along with some cool gifts? Nothing! That’s right! Cat lovers will be sure to love this card. If you can’t think of a good message perhaps checkout our suggestions. The card above can be downloaded as a pdf and then print at a time that is convenient.

1) Hey I think your cat is trying to wish you Happy Birthday!! ...Nope. He's just coughing up a hair ball. But have a great birthday!!!

2) God created CAT! Happy Birthday!

3) Hope you have a purrrfectly happy birthday!!!

4) I wish my cat were human and he/she would be my best friend!

5) Happy Birthday from the cat............ Now feed me!!!

6) A cat sat on a mat and got fat eating too much cake!

7) What a pretty Pueetty cat.

8 ) I heard this little hairball is having a birthday!

9) Cat’s have 9 lives but you’ve only had 6 birthdays!

10) I’ve got to wish little alley cat the most happiest birthday ever!

11) You’re one cool cat!

12) to the sweetest person i know - have a purr-fect day!

13) Catnip Fantasies and Mouse Tail Delights... May all your birthday wishes come true!

14) Happy Meow Meow Birthday!

15) Happy Birthday from Kitty, I was gonna surprise you and clean out my own box, but just like you, I simply "forgot."