Barbie Princess Birthday Card


Take a look at this! It’s a beautiful princess Barbie birthday card for those little Barbie fans out there! The number most popular selling doll in America and around the world… She’s the one and only… Barbie. This birthday card depicts Barbie in her finest princess attire. Growing up is fun when you have Barbie at your side.

The ‘DOWNLOAD PDF’ button will take you to a free printable pdf. Then you can just add some birthday messages and wording to the card as you wish. Below we have gathered some message suggestions if you would like to make this card extra special.

1) Enjoy your birthday cause you and Barbie are going to party all day!

2) Happy Birthday from the ultimate party girl. Barbie!

3) Girls just wanna have fun... Happy Birthday! 

Thankyou for visiting out website and wishing you the bestest birthday ever!!!