Barbie Birthday Card


Here is a Barbie doll birthday card… Barbie has to be the number 1 selling doll and for good reason. She is beautiful has a great smile and comes with all sorts of fashion accessories!

This card is for all those Barbie lovers out there! It is the perfect addition to a great birthday gift or perhaps a barbie party!

All cards on this website are free and printable!

Some sample messages are listed below:

1) Have a beautiful birthday for such a beautiful girl!

2) Make sure to party like only Barbie knows how! Happy Birthday!

3) Barbie wants to wish you the best most beautiful birthday ever!

4) You know you've made it when you've been molded into a miniature plastic doll.

5) Barbie Power!!! Have a wonderful birthday! I hope that all your wishes come true on this special day!

6) I hope Barbie can put a big smile on your face for your birthday!

7) Come on Barbie... lets go party... ah ah ah yea! 

8) Just a girl, loving life and making new friends all the time!

9 ) Barbie is a girls best friend and so are you to me.

10) With beautiful hair and a killer smile.. it’s not Barbie I’m talking about.. It’s you!

11) Let’s get this Barbie doll party started!!

12) Whose beautiful, intelligent, ready to party and enjoy time with her friends. It’s you silly!

13) Time to have a Barbie party!

14) Barbie just wants to say have a wonderful day. Enjoy your special moment and party party party!

Thankyou for checking out our barbie birthday card and hope you have the best celebration possible.