A Snoopy Birthday Card

Impress your friends and family with this Snoopy Birthday Card that is free to print. Snoopy is one of the worlds favorite characters. We even have some great messages from Snoopy as well!

1. Poem: cute -

Just chillin’,
Holdin’ my head to the sun
Just thinking
My birthday's gonna be fun.

Thank you buddies!
Happy birthday to me!

2. Message: inspirational -Always remember, that on your special day, someone, somewhere is washing you the best in life, and that person is just surprisingly close, I mean, after all, we all share the same sky. Happy birthday buddy!

3. Wish: cute -Hope that we be chillin’ in your special day with all the special people in your life. Wishing you a happy, happy birthday! Birthday's are cool. From one cool person to another!

4. Message: cute -You know those times we were chillin’ and just wonderin’ how we would all turn out through the years? Well, buddy, you turned out great, cooler than ever. Happy birthday!

5. Wish: inspirational -On your special day, I’m wishing you all of the special things in this world. You just stay as special, as cool and as sweet as you are. Happy birthday!

6. Poem -

Sunglasses all round
The candles are too bright
Blow them out
And let the party begin!