9th Birthday Card Funny Monkeys


Monkey Around - A Funny 9th Birthday Card. Free and printable!

Message - Here’s a monkey for my little monkey. It’s a free pass for monkeying around on your birthday, Happy 9th Birthday!

Father to Son Message - Here’s to the monkeys that we are and having a day free of most rules. Happy 9th Birthday my son!

Mother to Son - A monkey you are on most days, but today you seem more like a gorilla. Regardless I won’t love you any less so enjoy your birthday. Happy 9th Birthday!

Funny -

Watch the monkey on a train
Watch it twirl and turn
With the screaming monkeys
Enjoying in their seats
And they look
Just like your dad
As he watches his games.
Happy 9th Birthday!

From a Friend - Here is a bunch monkeys riding a roller-coaster, just like us; a bunch of monkeys riding out our messy little lives. Happy 9th Birthday!

Funny - You may have been my little monkey but now I can see that you have changed and have become my little… gorilla! Happy 9th Birthday.-

Sweet - You might have been a little monkey but today I’ve seen you evolve into the young man you are now. I am so proud of you. Happy 9th Birthday!