9th Birthday Card for a boy (Soccer/football)

Kick butt with this 9th birthday card. It was designed for boys in mind and especially boys who like to play soccer, or football (as some countries call it). Look below for some great ideas for what you could write inside. When you are ready, click on the ‘download pdf’ link and you will be able to get this card for free.

Here are some suggestions for the soccer 9th birthday card:

Poem -

To the little boy
That kicks that ball
Who asks for toys
With every single call
We wish for them to learn
Which they don’t seem to yearn
They all just want to run
All for the sake of fun.
Happy 9th Birthday!

Father to Son Insightful Message - Remember that kicking a ball is just like living your life. You aim at the goal and kick as hard as you can and hope you made it. So kick as hard as you can! Happy 9th Birthday!

Sweet Message - Remember that life is just like this ball, it rolls and it flies because you exert effort into making it move. Happy 9th Birthday!

Message -Be strong, kick the problems of your life away and enjoy your day! Happy 9th Birthday!

Mother to Son Message - When you were younger I bought you a ball, I wanted you to gain the strength and knowledge to kick your way throughout your life. Happy 9th Birthday!

Funny Poem -

A moment passes
And a ball flies
Strong and true
We scream and shout
Sure of its path
But then your dad passes by
And he becomes the goal
That kisses the ground.
Happy 9th Birthday!

From a Friend Message - I couldn’t get you a ball, so here’s a card; this card entitles you a share in any and all of the toys I have. Happy 9th Birthday!