8th Birthday Card for a Girl (Pink & Pretty)


A pretty little 8th birthday card for any girl you know. On this card is an image of a cake and some candles on the front.

Click above to download this fabulous card. Don’t worry… it is 100% free!

Short Message - Here’s a card from me to you, just before I give you the cake, the gift and probably the pink shoes. Happy 8th Birthday!

From Father to Daughter (Funny) - This is a card I had trouble picking out; I just went for pink and thought it would fill that link. Happy 8th Birthday! (P.S. Your mom’s gift came from my pockets!)

From Mother to Daughter (Funny) - For the past 8 years you’ve helped me shop for clothes, bags and shoes, thank you. Happy 8th Birthday, and here’s for more happy shopping trips with your dad’s money!

Boy to Girl - I didn’t know what to get you for your birthday, so I got you this card instead. Just so you know this will be my gift for the next couple of years… Happy 8th Birthday!

Saying - They say that the right words, that are heartfelt, are more precious a gift than any toy or doll. Just know that you are the loveliest and most precious gift that God has ever given me. Happy 8th Birthday my child, I love you.

Quick Sweet Message - Here is a cake and a card that is sweet but will never compare to how sweet my life has been since you entered it. Happy 8th Birthday!

Sweet Message -You have been the icing to my cake and the gift inside the wrapper for these last 8 years, and all I know is that for every year that passes by it will be better and sweeter than the last. Happy 8th Birthday!