8th Birthday Card for a Girl (Mouse & Cupcake)


Isn't this the cutest card??? You can see recommended messages for this girls 8th birthday card below:


Message from Parent to Child - Sometimes a mouse is just like a child; it’s cute and a pest but what the child can never be is unloved and unwanted, especially by their parents. Happy 8th Birthday!

Sweet Message - There are some things that I can give you, some things that I’ll fail but that will never include giving you all my love; which you will have for the rest of your life.

Father to daughter - Some people will say that you are ugly and annoying but know that for me, you will always be the angel that made me the happiest man alive. Happy 8th Birthday!

Boy to Girl (Funny) - I don’t know if you find this mouse cute but I want you to know I got you this card because I think it looks like you! Happy 8th Birthday!

Mother to daughter - There are a few things in this world you can never buy, one of them is love; love that I will always have for you. Happy 8th Birthday.

Quick Funny Message - There will never be a mouse as cute as you are; after all you are still the cutest mouse I ever laid my eyes on! Happy 8th Birthday!

Funny Message -

Mom and Dad come home
With a little cage
and a ribbon on top
You see something tiny inside
And they tell you it’s a hamster
You smile and thank them excitedly
And then you ask,
“Why does it look like you daddy?”
Happy 8th Birthday, my little hamster.