8th Birthday Card for a Boy (Truck & Penguin)


Here is your 8th birthday card. Great for a young boy who is turning 8 years old. Can you see the little penguin who is driving the truck! Sooo cute!!

You can download this wonderful card for free and then print it at any time you wish.

Funny Message - When do you see a fat, black and blue penguin driving a truck? When your dad goes out to buy you a birthday gift because he forgot to get one! Happy 8th Birthday!

Poem -

You run around with your new toy
Just like any boy
And you run happy and free
Unaware you are about to trip
Your dad falls on your cake
Trying to catch you as you flip.
You both laugh as you are covered in cake
Vanilla icing and chocolate crumbles,
Just like a messy penguin.

Short Message - It doesn’t matter whether I’m out in the world wearing a suit or my boxers, if it’s your birthday I’ll make sure to go out and get you a gift. I love you and Happy 8th Birthday!

Father to Son - Later in life you will end up wearing a suit, you’ll grow old and have more responsibilities but for now, enjoy your childhood and the presents it gives you. Happy 8th Birthday.

From a friend - Here’s a little penguin in a truck, I got you this because I always thought you looked like a penguin and you keep on taking my toy truck! Happy 8th Birthday!

Sweet Message - They say that 8 years is a long time but time passes as quickly as snow and fog comes and goes because you are here with me. Happy 8th Birthday!

Mother to Son - You have always been the most precious gift that I’ve ever received, be it from a penguin like your father or from the stork that brought you to me. Happy 8th Birthday!