8th Birthday Card (Cake and Funny Characters)


This 8th birthday card is funny. It depicts some funny looking creatures making a birthday cake. It is great for a 8th birthday.


Funny (tentative) -

Look at your dad
Dressed as a present
Coming over to tease
As he forgot to get a gift
He then gets out of his costume
And greets you screaming
As you kick him in the shin.
Happy 8th Birthday! (by the way, you’re grounded!)

Sweet Message - A gift is nothing more than a futile expression of how much I love you. Happy 8th Birthday, I hope this made you smile.

Saying- A child doesn’t know but they yearn for more than just presents and cakes, rather the greatest gift they’ll never know they received is the love and attention of their parents. Happy Birthday!-

Child to Child Funny Message - Here is a card from me to you, I hope you like it ‘cause that’s all I’m giving you. Happy 8th Birthday!

Parent to Child: Short Message - Never forget that we will always be here to love and care for you, just like we have for the last 8 years. Happy 8th Birthday!

Sweet and Short Message - Life would never be as colorful or as sweet as this without you in our lives. Happy 8th Birthday!

Short Message - 8 years have passed and 8 gifts I’ve given you, here is one more just for being the beautiful child that you are. Happy 8th Birthday!

Short - YAhoooo! It’s your totally crazy, special, fantastic and absolutely bananas birthday!