8th Birthday Card for a Boy (Cute Dog)


Raf Raf from the 8th birthday card dog. Hey Birthday Boy! You're 8!

This cute and adorable doggy birthday card is fantastic for 8 year old boys. Just click the link to download for free and print.

Saying - Eight years is a long time, both parent and child will have grown into their roles with every year that passed by. But these eight years will be a treasure that is worth more than its share of gold.

Funny -

A dog runs around the house
Reaching for its tail
It circles around 8 times
On the lawn
You follow suit and fall on your back
Standing up, you smile
As the dog catches its tail and cries.
Happy 8th Birthday!

Quick Message - A dog can never be my best friend for you are and always will be my most loyal companion. Happy 8th Birthday!

Kid’s: Short message to a friend - I don’t need to ask for a dog for my birthday, I got everything I need in a friend like you. Happy 8th Birthday my best friend!

Parent to child: Short Message - Here is a dog, a little friend for you, someone to take care of almost as similar to how we’ve taken care of you. Happy 8th Birthday!

Funny Message - No other person in the world can make me feel like you do, like a crazy dog looking for food. Happy 8th Birthday!

Sweet Message - 8 gifts to the birthday boy: 7 toys and a dog. All of these gifts cannot compare to the joy you have given me these past 8 years. Happy 8th Birthday!