6th Birthday Card for a Girl (Beautiful Butterfly)


Here is a nice 6th birthday card with an elegant picture of a butterfly on a green background. It always good to receive something heart felt! You can download the card above. Don’t worry this card is free to print.

See some suggestions for this card down below:

“Love you, On your 6th Birthday.”

Sweet Message - Let me land a butterfly’s kiss on you, my child. Six years and sixty-six more will not change all the love I have for you. Happy Birthday!

Funny Message -

Look at mommy
As she bakes your cake
Smiling and humming
To a song for today
Right on time 
A butterfly falls
Landing on her nose
Causing laughter for all.

Simple Message - One, two, three and then six butterflies land on the tree. Just in time to watch me sing a ‘Happy Birthday’ to my little sweet pea.

Inspiring and Sweet Message - I’ve watched you grow these six years from a colorful caterpillar to a wonderful butterfly. And on this day, I watch you spread your wings just a little more to show the world how beautiful you are.

Short Message - A butterfly evolves into its beautiful form, just as I watched you grow into the beautiful child you are. Happy 6th Birthday!

Poem -

As I watch you run around
The old tree in the yard
I see a larva stuck to a tree
The larva starts to crack
And a butterfly flies out
As if to greet you
Happy Birthday
With the colors on it’s wings.

Funny Message -

Watch as your dad tries 
to catch a butterfly for your birthday
See how he leans as if he hunts a deer
Look closely as he jumps for his prey
Only to fall on the ground
As the butterfly lands on his face.

And he smiles and says:
“Happy Birthday my little butterfly!”