6th Birthday Card for a Boy (Frog)


Goodnews! Here is a 6th birthday card with a cute green frog! Hope you like it. Boys especially like this one and the frog is soo cute!


Cute - Hippity-hoppity, leapity-loppity...
Look who's turning 6! Happy Birthday

Short Message - We’ll skip and hop just like frogs, all for today your 6th Birthday!

Sweet Message - I do not need to kiss this little frog to know that he’s already a prince. Happy 6th Birthday!

Poem (funny) -

A frog jumps on the table
As I read to you a little fable
And as the ending comes closer
The frog gets nearer
Then just before the story ends
The frog jumps right on the book.
A scream and a laugh
And a happy birthday from me to you!

Saying - Every frog could either be a prince or a princess if you look deep enough. Past the troubles and the pain you’ll see the royalty that can be found inside. This is exactly how I see you. Happy 6th Birthday!

Funny Message - They say that a frog turns into a prince once you give it a kiss. What happened?! Happy 6th Birthday!

Short Message - Here is a cake for the little frog in my life. Happy 6th Birthday!

Message (Nice) - A gift for my little frog, the one takes away all my problems and worries every night. Happy 6th Birthday!