6th Birthday Card for a Girl (Colorful)


This is a pretty 6th birthday card suitable for girls. The bright colors of pink and red really dazzle in this card. You can download the card and print it for free.

Quick Message - A room filled with balloons and balls, all for my little six years old. Happy 6th Birthday!

Sweet Message - No amount of balloons or balls or spots or toys can give me the fun that you have given me these last six years. Happy 6th Birthday!

A little balloon hovers
Right above the mothers
As they throw little balls
At their own little toddlers
Playing and running
As they continue their humming
Of Happy 6th Birthday
To my little pumpkin.

Saying - A ball only bounces as much as it can, but the life of a child bounces each and everyday it continues to thrive. Happy 6th Birthday, continue to bounce as far and as high as you can!

Funny - A little ball bounces off the roof, right above the party below. It bounces on the table and everyone just watches as it lands on the cake and covers everyone in icing and chocolate. Happy 6th Birthday!

Short Message - A balloons color fades as quickly as it shrinks, but a parent’s love for their child will always be filled with air and color for each and every day.

Message (nice) - Six little balloons of different colors for my little child, who has given me a new color and a new height for every year you have been alive. Happy 6th Birthday!