6th Birthday Card for a Boy


I hope your having a wonderful day. Checkout this boys 6th birthday card with a big dirt truck on the front! We hope you love it! Just click the download button and you will have your new card. Cards are completely free!

“You’re turning 6! Have a Truckload of Fun!”

Short Message - Jump and scream and laugh and play. Here’s a gift of trucks and things, all for your sixth birthday!

Funny Message - Your father buys a truck and a ball. He gives you the gifts and you run with the toys, then you throw the ball up high, just the right angle to land on your father’s thigh. Happy 6th Birthday!

Poem -

A little child of six
He finds a red brick
And colors it
To resemble a truck
He shows his dad
Who smiles and takes him out
To buy a truck, a car and a little tank
All for his little boy.

Saying -

Here we are in a car
That carries our lives down this road
All the while, we laugh and we cry
As we traverse down this path
With winding roads and slippery streets
We make it through everyday
Because you are here, right by my side.

Sweet Message from Parents - You are the gas that gives me the strength to continue driving through this life. Happy Birthday!

Message (fun) - Running around, carrying your truck, making sounds and funny little noises! Happy 6th Birthday!!