3rd Birthday Card with a Picture of a Truck


Have a truckload of fun with this 3rd birthday card! Great for boys who love to play in the dirt! Download the free PDF now and add your text as you seem fit!

Message - You play with your toys: a truck and some cars. All the while I watch you and realize that 3 years or a lifetime is not enough to spend my time with my child. Happy 3rd Birthday my child!

Short Message - Toys and trucks will never be enough, for the gift you’ve given us. Happy 3rd Birthday!

Sweet Message - A simple toy and you laugh and play, all the while I’m just happy to see you smile. Happy 3rd Birthday!

Funny -

You take some sand
And put it in your truck
While your dad smiles
And reaches for your toy
You smirk and giggle
Right before you blow
And sand flies
into your dad’s eyes.

Poem -

A child’s toy
For girls and boys
Wrapped in a box
And hidden with locks
Search around and still you’ll find
Nothing of the kind
Not until we say
Happy 3rd Birthday!

Saying - It is not the years that pass that allow a heart grow fonder, rather it is the time that we have spent together. Three years is still just the start of a time that will blossom for you are growing just as much as I am right by your side.