3rd Birthday Card (Cute Penguin)


This cute 3rd birthday card is a little penguin driving a big truck. All the more fun for 9 year old boys!


Message - 3 years together and you still surprise me. You still leave me breathless with your every smile. Happy 3rd Birthday! 

Poem -

Here’s a little penguin
to go on your truck,
a little driver
that could sit on it’s back.
As you drive it home
Around our yard
.Happy 3rd Birthday!

Funny Message from Kid to Kid - I got you a simple card with a penguin and a truck, I hope you like it because I thought you looked like the truck! Happy 9th Birthday!

Sweet Message - You might be 3 years old but to me you are and always will be that beautiful baby that sleeps in my arms. Happy 3rd Birthday.

Quick Message - It doesn’t matter what you want, as long as I could give it to you I will. A truck, a toy or a card, nothing is more important to me than your happiness. Happy 9th Birthday.