2nd Birthday Card for a Boy


Poem -

One plus one

Is just a clue

To the loving times

We have spent in this life.

You still make me smile

But you sure are sly.

You make me fly, oh so high

But every time it’s with a sigh.

Message -

Two is just a number that represents how long I’ve loved you. No matter the time and the distance, for every two hours of every two days of every two months is another two minutes that you will be in my heart. Happy Birthday!

Saying -

It is just a second year, the year that people seem to fear. But a number only represents a year. It is a time to love, time to care. Rather it is the year that leaves a little to bear.

Funny Message -

Two adds to a little blues while the little child runs around in shoes. A little baker bakes a cake. Which the child tries to take. A bite or two and all you can do is scream Happy Birthday to you!

Quick Message -

It has been two years since you entered into my life. Two years and I haven’t changed my mind. I still love you and you are my life. Happy 2nd Birthday.

Funny Quick Message -

A punch or two from the terrible two. A look above and a hit from you and my eye became blue. Happy Birthday!