Teddy Bear 1st Birthday Card

Teddy bears are one of the first gifts a child may have. If you've bought a teddy bear, this teddy bear 1st birthday card would be a perfect accomplishment to celebrate this occasion.

1 - Friends and family can not always be near, that's why I'm sending this teddy bear. Hold him, love him and hug him tight, Look after him each day and night. He can not replace the love you hold dear, But he's a reminder that their love's always there. There is one thing more that he likes to do, That's to remind you, that God loves you too.

2 - Now that you are bigger, (Four years old, I hear) I'll send a very BIG bear hug, And wish you a wonderful year.

3 - For a beary-special girl on her 4th Birthday!

4 – Or should I say Happy Bear-day!

5 - You're cute, you're smart, and talented, you're sweeter than you know-- You're interested in lots of thingsand always on the go... But, most of all, you're loved,as all these hugs and kisses show! XXXOOOXXXOOOXXXOOO

6 - Wishing you lots of cuddles and hugs on your birthday!

7 – To a completely lovable and hugable you...