Pokemon Birthday Card


Looking for some Pokemon birthday cards. You can have this free card with Pikachu to give for someones birthday. Pokemon addicts really likes these cards.

1) I'll take a quote from Ash's Mom. "Don't forget to change, your you know what everyday!"

2) We a found a Cakemon for your birthday! I hope you like it!

3) You can be the greatest pokÈmon trainer...the greatest pokÈmon master...of all time!

4) Is it your birthday or have you just evolved into a primape!

5) Pikachu told me it's your birthday! Wishing you a thundershock, lightning attack day, with lots of fun and excitement.

6) I wanna breed like you! I mean I wanna be a breeder like you! I mean...your Vulpix is nice..." --Brock.

7) Pikachu gave us a shock, when he reminded us it was your birthday!

8) Pika Peeeeeeeeeeeeee!

9) Pika, pika pika, chu, pika chu, peeee ka, picachu.

10) What do you get when you cross an 8 year old kid with a birthday and a small red and white ball..... A Birthday-mon!

11) To be the best trainer in all the world, you need to have discipline, you need to be smart and you need to know your pokemon inside out. But most of all, you need to know how to party!!!! Happy Birthday!

12) I hope this new birthday means you will finally evolve into that birthday-mon you've been training hard to be!

13) P - Powerful, O - Outstanding, K - Konkering, E - Entertaining, M - Masterful, O - Original, N - Nice ... You are a true Pokemon!

Yes! We have Pokemon birthday cards to print for free. With pictures of Ash, Pikachu and many other pokemon. We also have some great pokemon birthday message ideas and quotes! Party on!