Fishing Birthday Card 


Here are over ten suggestions for this fishing birthday card. Fishing is one of those sports where the passion develops at a young age. It take great patience and perseverance.

1) Heres fishing you a happy birthday!

2) A perfect spot. A bucket of bait and a fishing pole... this is what i wish for you on your special day.

3) It's your birthday... Hope you reel in a good one!

4) Good things come to those who bait! Happy Birthday!

5) Give a boy a fish, and he'll eat for a day. Teach a boy to fish, and he'll spend thousands of dollars on fishing gear and tackle, spend countless hours waiting to catch a few pathetic fish, and bore everybody he knows with tiresome stories about the one that got away. Happy Birthday.

6) For the most patient boy/girl in the family. To many great adventures!

7) One two three four five. I think I caught a fish alive!

8) Have a REELy great birthday!

9) Make a wish! Catch a fish… and stick it on a dish!

10) Down below the seven seas, darting and bobbing and glimmering bright, many fish swim with sheer delight.

11) Four hours later, with no bait and no fish… but memories that last forever!

12) Here fishy fishy fishy!

13) They say fishing runs in the family. Well how come you always catch the most?

14) Just like the perfect catch! I hope you never get away from me!

15) With a strong hold on the rod and tight yank on the line. You can be the master of many a big fish!