Mom Birthday Card with Poems


Here are some elegant Mom birthday poems to delight your Mother on her birthday! Moms always hold that special place in our hearts no matter how old you are. Here are some messages and poems to put on the inside of a birthday card.

Poem -

You carried me when I was small
You cherished me as I grew tall
You love me in each and every way
Mom, have the biggest most happy Birthday!
                                                                     By Chris Roberts

Poem -

To a Mom
As great as you
I wish you the best
The whole day through
You're guiding words
And Steady life
Will surely keep me
Free from strife
This gift and card
A favor returned
Filled with blessings
Of which you've earned!
Happy Birthday Mom!
By Chris Roberts

Poem -

To be a mother
You give up so much
You make a house a home
With every touch

I want you to know
On this special day
That you are loved
More than words can say.

Poem -

A Mother's love is like a rose;
Special and beautiful.

Three hundred sixty-five days with no stopping.
No one can do it like you do!

Mom, you helped me be who I am today.
And I want to say thank you
By celebrating your day.