Inspirational Birthday Quotes

Below you will read inspirational birthday quotes, poems and sayings for the inside of a birthday card.

Quote - Life is precious. So let's enjoy life to the fullest! Laugh, love and be thankful! Life is an Adventure!

No Regrets - Live with no regrets. I you believe something will make you happy, for for it! We only pass this way once.

Dreams - Dream big and follow your heart. You have everything it takes to see them through!

Hope - One of the most important products one can produce for oneself or others is hope. With hope, action, and persistence all things really are possible! Hope you have a happy birthday!

Leadership - Life is a long walk, be brave and take a new path… only a follower takes the path of others… a leader makes their own new path.

Poem - Seeing a baby sleep teaches us how fragile life is. Witness a shooting star and we realize how temporary life is. Wonder at the sun rising and we feel how beautiful life is. Mourn the death of a loved one and we understand how important life is. Your life if is a precious thing. A Birthday is a day to celebrate life!