First Birthday Card


Here's a first birthday card for someone turning 1. We have many first birthday cards that are free and printable. Choose your card, pick your message or poem and stick it on the printable card.

Below are many baby first birthday card messages and poems to choose from that you can insert into your card.

1. Short Message - An apple, a bear and a pussy cat. A little of this and a lot of that. Happy 1st Birthday! 

2. Poem - 

An apple for me
And a bear before C
I’ll hum the alphabet
And buy you that pet
Or a big, cuddly bear
This is my promise,
I swear, nothing but the best
For my adorable pest.

3. Shorr Sweet Message - Since you came I can’t find an amount of letters that will ever spell how much you mean to me; Neither an A, a B, nor a C, will ever be the same for me.

4. Funny Message - You and your child are sitting on the floor, you say Ah, while your child says Bah, she laughs and you say Cah! And the child says Nah!

5. Message - Even though you won’t remember today, it’ll be a year that you have blessed me with your life. Happy 1st Birthday!

6. Sweet Message - It doesn’t matter what you do, burp and cry or laugh and smile. You’ll always be that sweet little child who continues to light up my life. Happy 1st Birthday!

7. Simple Poem -
We rejoice the moment
You were born in our lives
We will watch you play
As we celebrate your day!
Happy First Birthday!