Dinosaur Birthday Card (Kids)


Here it is your Dinosaur Birthday Card with some cool characters from the past!

Check out some wording suggestions below:

Poem: Cute 

I love you! You love me! 
Let’s have a blast in your party, 
With your friends, and the fun, 
And laughter and the presents, 
This old dinosaur’s gonna sing along. 

Happy birthday! 

Message: cute 

Hey there boys and girls, it’s me! My friendly dinosaurs are here to make your party fun, fun, fun! Here’s our present, it’s a surprise! Let’s sing a birthday song everyone. Happy birthday! 

Wish: inspirational 

I wish for you, buddy, the greatest most exciting party you will ever have! With your friends and your Dino buddies, I’m sure we’re gonna have a great time! Get the cake and the games ready! 

Message: inspirational 

Happy birthday buddy, I hope you’ll have a blast in your party! My Dino buddies and I are rooting for you! I hope you’ll love your cake and your presents, coz a person as lovely as you are deserve the best.

Best Wishes from you favorite purple dinosaur !