Dad Birthday Poems

Here you can see many Dad birthday poems and verses that are a perfect ac-compliment to our printable birthday cards or any other birthday card. Birthday's are a time when families get to share their appreciation for each other. Tell your father how much you love him with a special poem. These short verses will help you out when deciding on what to write on his birthday card.

Poem -

Some Dads have no hair
Some Dads are too square
Some Dads grizzle like a bear
and some Dads are never there.


... has great hair
My Dad is not a square
My Dad is like a teddy bear
and my Dad is ALWAYS there.

Poem -

Short Dads
Tall Dads
Fat Dads
Bald Dads
Hairy Dads
Dads with a
Double chin

But of all the Dads there ever could be You are MY Dad, the Dad of ME!

Acrostic Poem - 

Always there
By Kim Roberts

Poem -

You are the solid fortress in my life
a smiling knight in shining armor
a great philosopher and judge
a seasoned speaker since before

You are my towering strength
who vanquishes giants in one blow
who trods valiantly on monsters
and slays gallantly any foe!

You are my comforting voice
a friend who cares at all times
a pal who reprimands with love
a singing melody with rhymes.

Oh I thank God for you, my dad
for there is nothing more to fear
through ups and downs of life
you are always my daddy dear!

More happy years daddy!
By Serene Star