Butterfly Birthday Card


This is a butterfly birthday card free to print for personal use. It shows a proud green and purple butterfly flexing it’s guns . It is flying in front of a green background.

Here are some birthday card suggestions for you to choose from.

1) To the sweetest person In all of the land May your birthday Be happy and grand.

2) Flutter your wings a little further this year!

3) Pleas'd to look forward, pleas'd to look behind, and count each birthday with a grateful mind.

4) You're cute, you're smart, and talented, you're sweeter than you know-- You're interested in lots of things and always on the go... But, most of all, you're loved, as all these hugs and kisses show! XXXOOOXXXOOOXXXOOO.

5) A little butterfly told me you that you are 4 years old today! I hope you have the best birthday ever. Happy Birthday.

6) Your zest for life is your own fountain of youth!

7) They say that even one small movement from the wings of the butterfly can change the entire world forever!

8) Be free! The world will smile with you if you’re smiling at it!

9) As I look around the world today there’s certain things that bring me joy. Seeing you growing up is one of them.

10) Spread your wings and fly fly fly! You’re as beautiful as a butterfly!

11) Like the colors of a butterfly so are the colors of your life!

12) Every small movement of the butterflies wings can bring monumental change forever. Never stop dreaming!

13) This little girl of mine. I love to see her shine!

14) Up above the world so high this little butterfly is never shy!