Bratz Birthday Card


You free printable Birthday card with Bratz dolls! Wish any Bratz fan a happy Bratzy Birthday! This pinky purple card has two beautiful Bratz dolls posing on the front looking glamorous as always! Girls will love this card and it would go well with Bratz gift for their birthday.

Writing the words for the inside of your card can sometimes be difficult. We have simplified the process. See below for some great birthday message suggestions and hope you have a wonderful day!

1. Message (Cute) - Hey girl, happy birthday! xoxo

2. Poem (Inspirational) -

There may be days
When it’ll rain on your parade,
Your hair gets messy, and your
Make-up gets all washed away.
But remember, it’s in your worst
When the beauty inside you
Shines the most.
Happy birthday!

3. Wish (Cute) -Hey girl, hope you’re doing great! Stay fabulous! Stay true, and be yourself. Hugs and kisses! xoxo

4. Message (Inspirational) -
Hey girl! Today’s your day, hope you have a fabulous birthday with all your fabulous friends! Stay as beautiful as you are. Let your inner beauty shine inside you. Love lots, xoxo.

5. Wish (Inspirational) -I wish for my fabulous friend, a fabulous party with all the glamorous people in her life. Stay sweet and smart pretty girl! xoxo

6. Poem (Inspirational) -

As the days go by,
You grow more and more
Beautiful, smarter, braver
Bolder. But remember,
What matters most is
The beauty inside you,
The light you leave behind in
The hearts of the people you’ve
Touched. Happy birthday!