Birthday Card Naruto


This a fantastic Naruto Birthday Card featuring Rock Lee. The card is free, downloadable and printable.

1 - Happy Birthday! and I'm not going to take back my words. That's the way of the ninja!

2 - Naruto, your Birthday is cool and all, but if you lose any more blood, you're going to die.

3 - Everyone... everyone... has risked their lives to wish you a happy birthday!

4 - I really wanted to become like you. You were my... inspiration. That's why at that time, I was really happy that you finally accepted me. That was the first time you said that to me" - Naruto to Sasuke

5 - Sasuke: What the hell are you? Naruto: Your friend!

6 - I hope you grow to be the best Ninja of all time. But remember a ninja never lets success go to his head!

7 - You are an avenger. Enjoy the explosion of youth!

8 - Naruto - I may still be restless, but I'm not a kid anymore.

9 - Don't let your guard down. You never know what birthday surprise is just around the corner.

10 - You aren't even worth killing my foolish friend.

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