Birthday Card for a 1 Year Old


Scale new heights with this birthday card for a 1 year old! With multiple blue colors and a plane with the whole family aboard this is a stunning birthday card that is sure to impress!

Below are many baby 1st birthday card messages and poems to choose from that you can insert into your card.

1. Funny Message - 

I’ve flown higher and higher since you arrived
Jumping up and down for a year in our lives
Up, up, and further up,
Until I hit that roof on high.
Happy 1st Birthday!

2. Sweet Message -Just a year and here I am floating high above the clouds, thinking of how you have made my life all but upside down. You changed my views and give me a chance, to love you more and more with every passing day. Happy 1st Birthday.

3. Poem -
You’ve given me flight
You of little height.
You smile and the sun shines weaker
Especially when you sleep, my little peeper.
You crawl and reach
Laughing at what I teach
I’m free and light
Because of you, my lovely sight.

4. Saying - For every tear in your eye, you’ve made a cloud in the sky. For all the laughter and smiles, you’ve given me rays of sunshine. The days have turned to one whole year and all I feel is sunshine since you’ve been here.

5. Simple Message - It’s only a year and you already have become the wings that bring me back every time. Happy 1st Birthday, my little angel!

6. Message Funny -
Laughing and crying while I lift you up,
Further above and faster away.
Right before mommy hears you play.
I’ll run around and let you fly,
All the while a cake is baking
But you don’t know why.
Happy 1st Birthday!