Belated Birthday Cards

Just in case you forgot to send someone significant a birthday card we also include a belated birthday cards section. The person you give this to, will still appreciate the thought that you care enough to still send a card, no matter how late it arrives after the event. We have a variety of belated birthday cards for you to choose from. Choose one that seems appropriate for the person you are giving it to. If you haven't already done so, add all the names and birthday dates on a calender that is easily seen in the place you live or work. This way you will be more likely to not have to use this section of our birthday card site. Good Luck!

1. When you wake up and realize you missed out on a special event and said event is someone's birthday. Sorry for missing your birthday! 

2. What's not good, not happy, and not something anyone should forget about? A birthday! 

3. Who said something about a birthday? Oh right...happy belated birthday! 

4. MRW I messed up on both daylight savings and a birthday of a close friend. 

5. You had a birthday a while back? Oh, well, uh...yeah, I did remember! I just had to re-find your gift! Happy belated birthday! 

6. The best that cheapskates can get with their gifts is to give their friend/brother/sister a belated birthday card. Better luck next year! 

7. Oh it was your birthday yesterday? And you want me to do something big to make up for your happy belated birthday? NO. 

8. Yikes! I did all these things with you yesterday and I was never told that it was your birthday? Well, happy belated birthday! 

9. List of reasons why I wasn't around to tell you about a happy birthday: 1. I was distracted by some hot ladies 2. I was binge-watching my shows. 3. There was a rowdy neighbor that I didn't want to cross. 4. There was another birthday coming up, and that was slightly near me. 5. There was a sudden traffic jam! 6. I was busy saving the day. 7. I wanted to find the best gift for you. Disregard all that and have a happy belated birthday! 

10. Hey, girl. Did you know? I forgot it was your birthday? I'm sorry about that! 

11. 1 out of every 3 humans forgets about their loved one's birthday. They've been too distracted by other real-world events and getting them back may not be worth it if they're truly lost. If your relative or friend has been unable to wish you a happy birthday, know that I will not be a part of this lost mindset. Let this be the only time I forget about your birthday. With that said, have yourself the only happy belated birthday that you will get from me! 

12. What's the sad part of not being as fast as The Flash or Sonic the Hedgehog? Not getting to catch up on your birthday; fear not, I will do better next year! 

13. Of all the 365 days I tend to miss out on, your birthday was one of them...but that will change! For now, have a happy belated birthday! 

14. *This one is for a Star Wars fan* I find the lack of awareness on your birthday disturbing. I have set up a reminder to wish you a happy birthday next year. Pray I do not forget it at that point in time. 

15. I know that a belated birthday card won't be enough, but I got something for you inside! Next time I will be there to you wish you a happy birthday without delays!