Balloon Birthday Card for a Boy


Who hasn’t had fun popping and whacking balloons before. At nearly every birthday party there is the iconic balloon. Parties just wouldn’t be the same without them. This little card shows a boy with a bunch of balloons in his hand as he is falling through the sky! It is funny and crazy!

All cards on this site can be downloaded for free. Just click on the download pdf button above. We also have a bunch of message and saying suggestions that you can insert into the middle of your chosen card. See below for more details:

Message 1 - Hope you birthday is filled with happy things.

Message 2 - Hope your birthday is one thrill after another.

Message 3 - If all the birthday wishes made for you were beautiful balloons. The sky would dance with beautiful colors.

Message 4 - Hope the view is a little better now that your 7.

Message 5 - Don't be mild - Go Wild! Don't be lazy - Go Crazy! Don't hesitate. Just Celebrate!

Message 6 - May you your life be like the balloons, floating with color!

Message 7 - POP! WHACK! WEEEEEE! That’s the sound of the birthday boy when he gets his hand on a balloon!

Message 8 - Fly high is the sky like a bunch of balloons my little friend!