Ballerina Birthday Card (Cute & Pink)


This cute little card shows a beautiful ballerina dancing around some colorful butterflies. Girls who love ballet will love to receive this card. It is sweet, cute and super adorable just like a little ballerina!

All cards on this site are available to be downloaded and printed for free. Be sure to check out the message selections below. We have many to choose from!

Message 1 - To the sweetest person in all of the land, May your birthday be happy and grand.

Message 2 - You've danced your way to FOUR! Keep dancing! Happy Birthday.

Message 3 - This card is filled with special thoughts...And sent to wish you every happiness on your birthday. Enjoy Your Day

Message 4 – Happy Birthday Girl! Time to sing, dance and party!!!

Message 5 – Dance for the possibility of becoming more! Dance as an expression of who you are. Dance because you must! Happy Birthday!

B - Beautiful

A - Agile

L - Lovely

L - Lovable

E - Energetic

R - Radiant

I - Intelligent

N - Natural

A - Adorable

Message 6 - Ballet is graceful and majestic just like you my beautiful little ballerina.

Message 7 - To dance is to really live. Live is the greatest dance of them all!

Thankyou! I hope you liked all the suggestions for this wonderful ballerina birthday card!