Baby 1st Birthday Card (Colorful)


Wow! What a time! What a year! Want a simple printable birthday card to help you celebrate. Here is the Babies 1st Birthday Card that can be printed for free quickly and easily! Just click the button above.

Below are many baby 1st birthday card messages and poems to choose from that you can insert into your card.

1. Message - From 12 to 1, time has passed. We’ll watch you play as you celebrate the day. Enjoy the hour’s passing by as we rejoice the moment you were born. Happy First Birthday!

2. Saying - Here we are at the end of a year, holding you close for each moment you’ve seen. Here we’ll stay from the time you walk to the day you stray. This is just the start, a year in your life, but here we’ll be for as long as we will live.

3. Message (funny) - Toys you’ll break and toys we’ll buy! Jump around, it won’t matter why. Laugh or cry, today is your day. Happy 1st Birthday for your every smile.

4. Funny -

Watch mommy run,
Here she is with a cake,
You watch and try to grab the candle,
All the while kicking your daddy,
Right before he blows it out.

5. Short message -Just a year and see how you are, laughing and crying all the while. I can’t help but smile, no matter what you do. It’s your 1st Birthday, and I’ll always love you.

6. Poem -

It’s not just any day
That we’ll take you from your clay
I’ll sit you upon the table
And read you a little fable,
And once the candle is lit
I worry you’ll throw a fit
But I’m surprised as you laugh and cry
As we sing Happy 1st Birthday to my little child.