Astroboy Birthday Card


Superpower your day with this Astroboy Birthday Card! Yes the old anime classic that everyone fell in love with! Astroboy is back with this amazing birthday card.

You can download for free , print it and give it to the biggest of Astroboy fans!

Poem: Inspirational 

Up, up and away we go!
Towards a frightening and uncertain tomorrow.
Hold your head up high because we made it!
Another year has past,
Together we’ve grown,
Together we’ve shared laughter and tears,
And together we will always be throughout the years!
Happy birthday sweetheart!

Message: Cute - Hey there my Astroboy! You better get the cakes ready ‘coz I’m sure we’re gonna have a blast! No, not an Astro Blast, silly. Happy birthday! Have a great one.

Wish: inspirational

Wow, it’s surprising how much we’ve grown together. I’m wishing you the most special and most memorable birthday, my Astroboy. I hope that you will get to reach the stars and fly around the cosmos, I heard the view from up there is great! Happy birthday.

Message: cute

You know, they say that when you reach for the stars, it’s as if the contours of your hands scale down the giant ball of fire into a glittering piece of sand. I guess that’s how it’s always been, my Astroboy, that beauty, sometimes, is found in most peculiar things. Happy birthday!